May 15, 2011

Welcome to The Leftcoast Informer

"Welcome to the Leftcoast Informer, a collective effort between friends to spread the highly stifled truths behind social justice issues. Writers of the Leftcoast Informer are advocates for change among many social and political issues, ranging from the take-down of huge capitalist corporations to the legalization of marijuana. We are based in Vancouver, BC, Canada and this blog is our activism effort of choice.

Our aim is not to infiltrate the minds of readers and brainwash them into supporting our cause(s). We merely seek to elucidate "the other side of the story" in hopes that the messages we present will evoke critical thought from the general public, especially when juxtaposed with the information presented in the media. Our society is one that has become desensetized to our own intuition and critical thought processes and we at the Leftcoast Informer seek to aid in the restimulation of those processes that are so vital to our individual self-government."

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