May 18, 2011

Japanese electric car 'goes 300km' on single charge

May 18, 2011

Electric vehicle specialist SIM-Drive, which hopes to take the car to market by 2013 but gave no projected cost, said its four-seater "SIM-LEI" had motors inside each wheel and a super-light frame, allowing for 333 kilometres (207 miles) of motoring on one charge in a test.

Its designers say they hope the prototype, a joint project among 34 organisations including and engineering firm IHI, will be sold to car manufacturers for mass production.

Automakers such as Nissan, which launched its all-electric Leaf last year with a 160-kilometre range, are gambling that with zero tailpipe emissions will catch on and, some time in the future, start to drive traditional petrol-guzzlers off the road.

Electric cars still face key hurdles such as costly batteries and the lack of conveniently-located recharging points, which limits their operating radius.

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PM rewards three defeated Conservatives with Senate seats

OTTAWA— Globe and Mail Update

Stephen Harper wasted no time in bringing back three defeated candidates, appointing former Quebec cabinet minister Josée Verner to the Senate and reappointing Larry Smith and Fabian Manning.

Minutes after he finished answering questions from reporters about his cabinet shuffle, the Prime Minister’s Office sent out a release announcing the three appointments. So Mr. Harper did not have to address the issue in public.

Mr. Smith and Mr. Manning had served in the Senate, resigning their seats to run in the May 2 campaign.

The appointments were immediately blasted by NDP Leader Jack Layton, who called them a “slap in the face” to voters.

“The ink is barely dry on their rejection notices and they're being appointed to the Senate,” he said. “If you can't get elected, you shouldn't be appointed to the Senate two weeks later.”

Mr. Manning is from Newfoundland and Labrador. He was elected to the House in 2006 but lost his Avalon riding to Liberal Scott Andrews in 2008. Mr. Harper then appointed him to the Red Chamber. Mr. Manning lost his second bid to unseat Mr. Andrews.

Mr. Smith is from Quebec; he had sat only briefly in the Senate and had always signalled his intentions to run for a seat in the Commons. He was not successful, losing his bid for a Montreal-area riding.

“Our Government will continue to push for a more democratic, accountable and effective Senate,” the Prime Minister in a statement released to the media.

May 16, 2011

Life Without Fossil Fuels? Yes, we can.

The Post Carbon Institute posted a very compelling speech given by their own senior fellow, Richard Heinberg, at the graduation ceremony at Worcester Polytechnic Institute on May 14. Heinberg's speech focuses on the need for more research into renewable energy sources and weening society off of its fossil fuel addiction. An editor's note states that Rex Tillerson, CEO of ExxonMobil, had initially been invited to give the commencement speech at the ceremony but thanks to some letters to the president of WPI from angry students, Heinberg was given the opportunity to address the graduates.

May 15, 2011

Welcome to The Leftcoast Informer

"Welcome to the Leftcoast Informer, a collective effort between friends to spread the highly stifled truths behind social justice issues. Writers of the Leftcoast Informer are advocates for change among many social and political issues, ranging from the take-down of huge capitalist corporations to the legalization of marijuana. We are based in Vancouver, BC, Canada and this blog is our activism effort of choice.

Our aim is not to infiltrate the minds of readers and brainwash them into supporting our cause(s). We merely seek to elucidate "the other side of the story" in hopes that the messages we present will evoke critical thought from the general public, especially when juxtaposed with the information presented in the media. Our society is one that has become desensetized to our own intuition and critical thought processes and we at the Leftcoast Informer seek to aid in the restimulation of those processes that are so vital to our individual self-government."